Monthly Archives: December 2015

Musings on Product Development, a 30 Year Perspective

I’ve worked on a lot of product development projects over the last 30 years, most of which involve printed circuit boards, microprocessors and firmware of some kind.  Whilst massive changes in the electronics industry have come to pass over a generation there are some things that have not changed.  First of all is time to […]

So What’s With This IoT Stuff Anyway?

Yesterday’s announcement by NXP that they had completed their acquisition of Freescale Semiconductor got me to thinking about IoT (Internet of Things) again.  I’ve designed several “things”, and Freescale was a supplier of a number of microprocessors used in IoT things.  We also have used several of Freescale’s Kinetis series ARM based microcontrollers in some […]

Finding Value in a Troubled EDA Marketplace

When we recently went to evaluate several PCB EDA packages, being interested in the formal practice of value analysis, we tried to discern which packages provided the most “value” for us based on our needs and requirements. The overall function of a PCB EDA software package is to provide a means for creation of an […]