F.O.M. Systems LLC is a design consultancy founded in 2003, specializing in complex printed circuit board design and  small embedded systems designs, both hardware and software.  Jeff Sutherland, owner of FOM Systems, has been working with and designing microprocessor and microcontroller based designs for over 40 years.  Of particular design interest are miniature switching power supplies and power management schemes used in systems based on Texas Instruments OMAP and Sitara processors, as well as small embedded microcontrollers such as Microchip’s PIC and Atmel AVR products.  Jeff was at the forefront of miniature switching power supply design at the former Telxon Corporation, and holds several patents related to LCD displays and digital modulation.

Since the spring of 2020 Jeff has been based in Taiwan and now consults only on an infrequent basis.  Our focus has shifted to mentoring young and upcoming engineers.

Jeff’s other interests include music (playing the oboe), woodworking, and general electronics tinkering.  The older FOM Systems blog is now located here.