Monthly Archives: February 2010

TI OMAP3530 Component Added To Library

Since Google was of no help to me in my latest project, I had to create a CADSTAR library component for the Texas Instruments OMAP3530 CPU chip.  The package is the CBB type, the 0.4mm BGA version used on the Beagleboard.  I’ve checked this over a couple of times but there could still be problems- […]

Cadstar Library Component for Eurotech Catalyst CPU Module

I’ve been looking at doing some designs using the Eurotech Catalyst CPU module board featuring the Intel Atom processor.  This component poses some design challenges for Zuken CADSTAR library manager, mainly because there are two connectors used by the module.  There is a 220 pin high density interconnect connector, and a 14 pin 2mm square […]

RoHS Manual Soldering Hints

For several years F.O.M. Systems has been working with various lead free (RoHS compliant) soldering alloys for printed circuit board assembly. Our experiences with these materials has ranged from the “hardly any difference” to “virtually unusable”. Depending on the alloy used you may have a similar range of experiences. Besides the supposed environmental advantages of […]