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Could Most Of What You Think You Know Be Wrong?

When preparing for a Value Analysis study keep that thought in mind.  One of the principal roadblocks to finding good value is “We’ve always done it that way”.  There are a number of others, and note that eliminating roadblocks is one of the principal challenges when conducting a value analysis kaizen.  Along with the roadblock […]

Returning to the Tower of Babel

With automation taking over more and more tasks once performed by humans, creating large numbers of surplus people in the process (something like 91 million in the US alone at the time of this writing), the next significant and complex human task to fall victim to relentless automation appears to be foreign language learning.  Eliminating […]

Learning A Musical Instrument As An Adult

About a year ago I began to play the piano.  Like many people I started to play in first grade but stopped after 3rd grade because I didn’t have a good teacher.  But it was a gateway instrument that led first to the saxophone, then the clarinet and finally the oboe, which I’ve been playing […]