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Examples of real world solutions enabled by means of CADSTAR.

OMAP Noisy NTSC/PAL Video Issues.

The Orion project, mentioned in another post here, has video output capabilities like the Nokia N900 and other smart phones using the TI OMAP35xx series processors.  These chips have dual 10 bit D/A converters for generating analog video signals, either in S-Video format (separate luminance and chrominance) or composite NTSC or PAL analog signals.  Video […]

Orion named one of the coolest demos at Google I/O 2011

LevelStar LLC’s Orion Braille enabled portable computing device was named one of the 16 coolest demos at Google I/O 2011. Read the whole article here. The Orion entry is here. The Orion contains 2 PCB’s and 3 flex circuits, all designed with CADSTAR. The main board is 8 layers, employing fine line design, blind and […]