Orion named one of the coolest demos at Google I/O 2011

LevelStar LLC’s Orion Braille enabled portable computing device was named one of the 16 coolest demos at Google I/O 2011. Read the whole article here. The Orion entry is here. The Orion contains 2 PCB’s and 3 flex circuits, all designed with CADSTAR. The main board is 8 layers, employing fine line design, blind and buried micro vias and lots of high speed design constraints. “I’ve used a number of CAD programs over the last 25 years, and can not imagine attempting to create a design like this without something like  Zuken’s CADSTAR.” said Jeff Sutherland, hardware architect for the Orion. “Zuken’s Board Modeler Lite proved to be crucial to the successful packaging of the product. There was a lot of back and forth with STEP models between us and the industrial design folks. Everything fit the first time around.” For more information about the Orion product, please contact LevelStar LLC.  Note that CADSTAR version 13, first released in November of 2011, now includes additional options for mechanical information interchange using IDF format files.