April 15, 2014: The release of CADSTAR 15 was announced today.  Read all about it here. Remember, if your maintenance is current, please contact your support team for an updated license in order to start using CADSTAR 15.

The Power Integrity Advance tool received a nice writeup recently in this article from Electronic Specifier.

Zuken has announced a new version of CADSTAR:   CADSTAR Lite+ With the release of CADSTAR Lite+ the entry level barrier to acquiring a CADSTAR license has been lowered significantly.

NEW! Try CADSTAR free for 30 days.  Not just a simple demo program with limited capabilities, this is the full deal, equivalent to the CADSTAR Extreme version.  Try the world’s second most popular PCB EDA tool on your laptop or workstation Now.

The current CADSTAR version is 15, please see the What’s New page.  Plus, there were four new products  introduced in the last release:

  • Constraint Browser (to make forward annotation from the schematic editor even easier)
  • Placement Planner (a “what if” PCB floorplanning tool for the schematic designer)
  • Power Integrity Advance (simulation of current consumption throughout a board)
  • IDF Interface (improved mechanical data interchange with SolidWorks, AutoCAD, etc.)

Enhancements have also been made to DXF import, drill drawing creation and many others based on user feedback.

All CADSTAR software bundles include the following features:

  • For 1 year, full technical support,  all software updates,  access to online component libraries
  • Design Migration (import design data from OrCAD, Altium, PADS etc.)
  • Schematic Designer (more info)
  • Library Editor
  • ODBC library database support
  • Library Datasheet Publisher
  • Place and Route Editor
  • Design Viewer
  • Node locked licensing (Networked licensing available for an additional fee)


Unique features of CADSTAR Extreme:Ad Campaign 2012

CADSTAR Professional

Board Modeller LiteUnique features of CADSTAR Professional:

  • B2SPICE Mixed Mode Simulation
  • XR2000 High Speed router
  • Unlimited Layer Autorouter
  • PCB Design Editor (unlimited)
  • Rules by Area
  • EMC Adviser
  • Variant Manager (more info)
  • IDF Interface


Unique features of CADSTAR Basic:

  • B2SPICE Mixed Mode Simulation
  • 6 Layer Autorouter
  • PCB Design Editor (unlimited)
  • Variant Manager (more info)
  • IDF Interface


Unique features of CADSTAR Lite+:

  • 4 Layer Autorouter
  • PCB Design Editor (2000 pin/pad limit)

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Free Downloads:

NEW! CADSTAR Full 30 Day Demo

Please see the CADSTAR Demo page for more information on how to obtain a time limited license for CADSTAR Extreme.


Test drive CADSTAR risk free.  Download and run CADSTAR Express, a full featured but design size limited version.  You must install a license file in order to use CADSTAR Express, but the license is free and time unlimited.  Please visit the Contact page to request your FREE license.  Questions?  Download the data sheet here.

CADSTAR Design Viewer

Just updated to version 14, compatible with the latest CADSTAR patch releases.   Now every member of the design team can have their own copy of the read-only version of CADSTAR, useful for printing schematic files or other documentation, and for viewing of printed circuit board artwork.  After downloading CADSTAR Design Viewer please register here to obtain your FREE license that will enable operation of the software.

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